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Dr. Rachid Djoudjou

Al Ahsa College of Technology

Mechanical Department

Hydraulic & Pneumatic Section


Al Ahsa, Saudi Arabia


Hydraulic & Pneumatic
Planning of Hydraulic Circuit
History of Algeria
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welcome to my homepage

 I N T R O D U C T I O N

         I built this site with objective: to assist especially trainees at Hydraulic & Pneumatic systems, which are registered in my courses, and  in general any person who is interested in Hydraulics, Pneumatics, PLC

        The visitor of this site will find resources attached to my teaching and my personal and professional interests

       more than 80 books and lectures can be downloaded from this link

Al Ahsa         

Compiegne university


Borj el kiffan ( Fort de l'eau )


I live and work in Al-Ahsa, on the east of Saudi arabia


I Hold my PHD From ( UTC ) the University of technology of compiegne (France) under the direction of Professor C. Lemaitre


Born in Algiers, I studied at the Algiers polytechnic school ( ENP )

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